Powerhouse of World War II, United States and Great Britain Essay

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From 1939 to 1945 the majority of the world’s nations were part of a long deadly six-year war, World War II. These included two strong powerhouses, Great Britain and The United States. Millions died world wide, declaring World War II to be the most expansive war to date. The Holocaust, and the use nuclear weapons resulted in such a high death toll. Nations were in a state of “total war,” involving not just the military but also the entire nation. Civilians were aggressively aiding in supporting their military, creating a home front, making a significant impression on the result of the war. Rationing, defense and manpower were concerns for governments; and they made any economic and industrial change to support their efforts in aiding…show more content…
between adult and children. The consequence of implementing rationing was that it resulted in a thriving black market, covertly selling items at an inflated price.
Life for the people of Great Britain during World War II was daunting and arduous and their efforts made a significant difference in the outcome of the war. Their life was “controlled by air raid alerts and all clears, as well as the enforcement of a war-long blackout” (The Home front- The regulation of society par 3). Finally the Nazis surrender on the 8th of May in 1945 and the people of Great Britain were able to take a breath of relief from chaos to celebrate and mourn those they had lost in the Second World War.

The United States
On the Home front in The United States the production of weapons and war related supplies were fundamental in defending and defeating any threats. Franklin D. Roosevelt believed the mass production of weapons would “energize America and frighten the enemy” setting an “impossible” goal for the American people to fulfill in 1942, however, by “1943 the organization was in place to maximize American industrial might” (PBS – American Industrialization par 3). By the end of World War II The United States super passed its “impossible goal,” and had produced millions of war related items. Big corporations aiding in supplying the war, increasing their profits by billions in addition to
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