Pray, Ayanda! I Need Ma. Please Pray.. Only A Prayer Will

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Pray, Ayanda! I need Ma. Please pray. Only a prayer will help us now. Pray, Ayanda! Mxolisi has been shot. He 's dead. Do you know that moving... or disposing of the body is a serious offence? - I left him lying there. - You should really consider getting a lawyer. - Mxo! - Zweli. Bra. Mxo! Mxolisi! Doctor, how 's it looking? Doctor, I 'm talking to you! Will he make it? He 's lost a lot of blood. He must be admitted at a hospital. - How can he go to the hospital? - I 've managed to stop the bleeding. He needs a blood transfusion. I can 't do that in this dirty shack. But they 'll ask me a lot of questions. We don 't know who 's trying to kill us. That 's why I 've called you here. Please help me. I 've worked with …show more content…

It 's true, they killed that Mdletshe boy. Ma said they didn 't kill him. So they didn 't kill him. You know what? They did it. The tape is our proof. She and Mxolisi confessed to killing him. Auntie, leave. You don 't want her to recover. She needs people who love and support her. Not people who act like they care, when they secretly want her to die. Please leave. Go! I 'm not going anywhere. Are you okay? - Where am I? - What matters is that you 're safe, Mxolisi. No! Don 't get up. Don 't move. Don 't get up. Straighten your legs. Don 't move. The doctor said you must stay still. I only remember going to your house. How did I get here? I couldn 't keep you there. I don 't know who wants you dead. Mxolisi, you have to tell me what 's going on. You passed out while I was talking to you. People know where I live. They would 've come to finish you off there. Who shot you? Mxolisi, help me out here. Tell me the truth... so we can go and get them back. Do you hear me? Please, bra. Was it Nongoloza? Mxo, I 'm talking to you! We 're both in trouble. Those guys will kill me too. I have to look over my shoulder. I 'm always armed because I don 't know who it is. I don 't know. I don 't know what happened. And I don 't know who shot me. That means someone hired a hitman. Okay, okay. I won 't bring up Nkosinathi 's murder. I don 't believe you. I promise you, Sipho. - Good morning. - What are you doing here? - I

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