Pregnancy Week 8 Essay

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Pregnancy Week 8
You have already crossed half way of your first trimester. This week is very crucial. This week you will do the first ultrasound of your baby. You will hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. This ultrasound will let you know if you are carrying twins. During this week you have to start your paperwork required by the governmentfor official records to register the details of your baby. Later you will get the birth certificate of your baby.
Thus, to provide you the best information about your eight weeks of pregnancy, here are vital points to guide you in your crucial days.
The development of the baby
• The embryo is at the end of the embryonic stage in eight weeks and it is going to begin the fetal stage. The embryo …show more content…

The nerve cells in the brainare splitting and connecting to form original neutral lanes.

• The baby’s lungs, eyes, ears, upper lips and nose begin to create. The mouth and the jawline is also visible clearly now. The skin of the fetus is really thin and transparent at this time.
• When the intestine develops it runs out of the space of the abdomen of the fetus. The long intestine joins with the umbilical cord within twelve weeks.
• The gonads are forming in the ovaries or testicles.
• Bones are becoming harder at this stage. At the same time wrists, elbows and other joints are formed in their actual shape.
• Webbed fingers and toes are getting separated and forming in their real shape. You might be surprised, but it is true that if you can see closely you will find twenty fingers and toes.
• The usual heartbeat of the fetus is now reached at 160 beats per minutes.
• Your baby is now emerging his lungs with the breathing tube from the throat.
The mother’s body changes
• During this week your uterus is growing with your fetus. You may feel pain and cramp in the lower abdomen for the development of the uterus. It is common to feel pain in pelvis when you twist or stand up after sitting for a long

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