Preschool Education in The United States Essays

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Preschool programs began in the United States during the first quarter of the twentieth century. In 1925, the first public preschool began in Chicago at Franklin School. After the 1970’s the popularity of preschool increased since women were entering the workforce and people believed that children needed early preparation before they attended elementary school. Barbara Wiler, Ph.D., deputy executive director of the NAEYC says, “Good Preschools provide children with rich experiences that give them skills, information, and attitudes that prepare them for the primary grades and for life. ” (WKRLIP, P1) Preschool isn’t like kindergarten. It’s a stepping-stone that will prepare young students for the years of schooling they will have …show more content…

” (Blumberg, P2) There are studies about the differences between children who attended preschool and those who didn’t. “The Perry Preschool project was a study that was done in the early 1960’s in Michigan. “(Blumberg, P2) They separated 2 and 4 year old children into two groups. One group lived regular lives and the second group went to preschool for two hours a day, 5 days a week. Differences between both groups were big. They did a follow up with the children when they were 27. Girls who attended preschool were 50 percent more likely to have a savings account and 20 percent more likely to own a car. Boys who attended preschool were half as likely to be arrested and earned 50 percent more in salary. Those who didn’t attend preschool had higher risks in not having the same opportunities available for them like the ones who went to preschool. Many studies have been done and results have shown that preschool children got sick less often, had a rare chance of being unemployed, and were less likely to be in jail. Personality traits from preschool children were fixed by the age of 4. Children are able to master personal care and do things independently without the help of their parents. For example, dressing themselves, basic hygiene, cleaning and taking care of their belongings, helping others, and following rules and routines. This is an important preparation for elementary school, where teachers expect

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