Present Job Analysis of a Clerk

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I am a clerk one employed at Public Health Services Department for almost five years; I was quite satisfied and happy doing my current job. One aspect of my job is assisting in the processing of Food Badge. Recently I have gotten dissatisfied with my job; reason being the process of persons applying for their food badges has changed without really consulting me being that I am normally in the forefront facing customers each day. Due to this sudden change my job has become a bit challenging for me to do it on my own. In light of this, I would have highlighted the issues I am being faced with by the new development put in place to my supervisors and the persons who are responsible for the change. To no avail nothing was done to aid my plea.

This new change which has been implemented had made me very frustrated and not feeling enthusiastic about working when the day comes. My disposition on a day to day basis is not a pleasant one. I know to myself that this is not a productive attitude I should be having because it can have adverse effects being the face of the organization as it reflects my attitude and the kind of service I will provide to customers. In addition to that, colleagues maybe offended by my attitude, in which can create a negative work environment for them. Hence I have changed my perspective in regards to my attitude, and focusing on the goal that I am striving towards and enjoying the work rather than being frustrated.

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