President : How A President Should Wield Their Power

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The President: How a President Should Wield their Power
Arguably the most powerful position in the world, the President holds unprecedented international influence, and in such a connected and constantly evolving world, subtle missteps carry great weight. With elections looming over the horizon for most in the Oval Office, the public’s perception of the Commander-in-Chief is critical. The presidents of the future should understand what power they possess and how to wield it. And albeit an oversimplification of a complex position, three rules ought to rule them all; protect businesses when they’re supplying jobs, war should be a last resort, but maintain a robust military, and never cease to let the needs of the many outweigh the deep …show more content…

Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I cannot respect someone who doesn’t see the difference.” (Spacey, Kevin.) Running in line with the writer Percy Bysshe Shelley in his piece “Ozymandias,” whereas he depicted an arrogant, long dead king ironically being prideful of his power, claiming it would never end. People never forget what you did, particularly if you’ve improved their lives, but money fades away as quickly as it was deposited into your account. United States Senator Bernie Sanders has consistently attempted to get money out of politics through numerous methods, negating the current widespread practice of money’s primacy over the needs of the many. Senator Sanders is currently attempting to overturn Citizens-United, a “disastrous Supreme Court decision”(Sanders, Bernie) which allows infinite dollars to be syphoned into our electoral politics, causing widespread corruption in the highest levels of our government. Furthermore, he continues to advocate for the DISCLOSE act(H.J.Res. 64 (107th)), which would provide the groundwork for legislation to protect the corruptness and transparency of all federal elections by enacting disclosure requisites for all contributions. Instead of the now corruptible means for politicians to get the money behind their campaign, Bernie strives toward public funding of elections in order promote an election where the best

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