President Obama Speech : President Of The United States

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Introduction In December 2013 the President of the United States delivered a speech in regards to Economic Mobility. The main theme for President Obama’s speech was to bring the American people together and deliver a speech that informed every American that we are greater as a whole than we are on our own (President Obama, 2013). Topics presented during the speech included: health care, paying for college, buy a home, save for retirement or simple just to make ends meet. President Obama delivered in his speech that his drive is to make sure the economy works for every working American and the opportunity is presented for each American. The speech was to inform the American people of the challenges ahead and the need to make changes. During the speech, the President, provided history of the past economy and what he feels needs to change to build a stronger economy. The President provided history of what past Presidents have accomplished and the importance of each accomplishments. Over the last several years technology was evolving and causing companies to do more with less, due to these technology improvements, jobs began to be eliminated. Most household went from one working parent to two working parents. The value of the community was beginning to break down and the foundation in which the United States was built on was beginning to crumble. In order to stop this trend it is important to make changes and provider equal opportunity to all American people. Based on my
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