Essay on Prespectives of Creative Leadership

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This chapter include theories, useful for this project, of leadership and creativity, imaginization. In addition, I try to discuss what are perspectives of leadership, how people understand it. As a result, this way should help me answer into problem formulation.
First of all, according to Matthew R. Fairholm, (Fairholm, 2004) there are two different approaches to studying leadership. First one and the most popular is a focus on the leader, suggesting that the best way to understand leadership is when we studying concrete individuals in concrete situation. In addition, supporters of this method mainly focus on the qualities, behaviours of those who state to be or are given the title of leader. (Fairholm, 2004). In other words, …show more content…

Thus, this could help me answer into first part of my problem formulation.
Firstly, According to, Gil Fairholm reasearch he finds out that people have at least five different perspectives on leadership. These perspectives not just show how people understand leadership but also how one model can be successful in oneself and others. Hence, G. Fairholm says, „defining leadership is an intensely personal activity limited by our personal paradigms or our mental state of being, our unique mind set“ (Fraiholm, page 580, 2004). In such a way, leadership perspectives we explain how we understand it and what we mean when we say „leadership“. At the same time we say what our view about successful leadership is for ourselves and others. Moreover, there are people who define leadership for themselves and think that everybody uses their perspectives and if not then they judge others, because from their perspectives others do not meet requirements what leadership should be. Thus, as I mentioned before G. Fairholm from experience and literature find out that there are five different ways how people describe leadership. The first perspective would be leadership as (scientific) management. In this perspective is more focus on the managers understanding one and the best way to stimulate and sustain productivity between the employee ranks. The second perspective, leadership as excellence

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