Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, And Greed

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"Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, and Greed. The seven deadly sins." The sins everyman encounters in life and how I encountered mine. Orange County, California, here I met her, my first love and desire, "Gluttony". My parents had introduced us, but I wasn't impressed by her taste. It was only until I was at the age of three, that I had become obsessed.
My entire family had lived around each other in the same neighborhood, so it was my grandmothers for dinner. Gluttony came over that night and my entire family met her. We ate an abundance that day like a lion on a killing spree. At the age of six I moved to Austin, Texas, where I met a person named "Greed". He was my best friend and had lived in the same neighborhood and went to
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Since moving I had lost my best friend Greed and was all alone bullied again for my intelligence and weight gain from being with Gluttony. It was hard that year for me making no friends and weighing twenty pounds over a kid my age. A year after, I finally made friends at my school because of 'Pride". He was an amazing companion that helped me accomplished many things. Thanks to Pride I got over Gluttony and focused my intensions toward sports like basketball.
Pride and I played every day preparing for next year's tryouts. He had helped me come out of my shell and meet new people like "Lust". I made the team and learned about a guy named "Envy". Envy was the best player on the team with the most potential. Pride pushed me to become greater at basketball, but as I started to become a more developed player I had become more like my cousin "Sloth".
During freshman year I lost my relationship with Lust and my desire for any girl after. My work ethic had become slothful as I started to turn in late work, did last minute studies, and became attached to sleep. I changed my life sophomore year, I pushed every sin away and focused on school and studies for the future. They say true evil to mankind is the seven deadly sins, said to either to give you treasures in memories or life full of despair. I'm not sure what my future is up ahead, but I will always carry with me my own seven deadly
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