Pride In Argentina Essay

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A vast example of pride for the country of Argentina, is sending an important world leader to lead the Catholic religion, Pope Francis. Pope Francis is a religious leader of the Catholic faith. Born and raised in Argentina, he is an example of the high concentration of Argentina’s dominant religion- Catholicism. Out of it 44 million people, around 92% consider themselves Roman Catholics, while 2% are Protestant, 2% Jewish and the other 4% categorize themselves as other (CIA, n.d.). Aside from religious categorization, Argentineans are known to be hyper-friendly individuals. In comparison, to other countries with large European descent, Argentina is accustomed to formally and informally greeting strangers with tangibly kissing each cheek and offering a handshake with direct eye contact. Maintaining eye contact within the Argentinian greeting indicates interest within a conversation. Moreover, in the Argentinian home, family is its center of attention alongside with religious faith. When invited for dinner, it best to bring a small gift for the hostess. It is unacceptable to give sharp …show more content…

In larger, populous cities such as Buenos Aires, subways, taxis and buses are widely used. Subways are an easy and economical way to move around, however, they are quite congested between the peak hours of 9am and 7pm when people are either leaving for work/school or getting off work/school. Taxis are also inexpensive, depending on the distance of the drive, but if a commuter/traveler is being taken to their destination it is best to have their travel destination written so the driver does not take a longer, more scenic route and does not charge more. Last option, other than walking, is renting a car in Argentina. However, car accidents are incredibly common in Argentina, based on their different driving skills and driving laws compared to the strict safety rules in the United

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