Primary Heating Water Circuit At The Generators

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Primary Cooling Water Circuit In The Generators :
The treated water used for cooling of the stator winding, phase connectors and bushings is designated as primary water in order to distinguish it from the secondary coolant (raw water, condensator etc.). The primary water is circulated in a closed circuit and dissipates the absorbed heat to the secondary cooling in the primary water cooler. The pump is supplied with in primary water cooler. The pump is supplied with in the primary water tank and delivers the water to the generator via the following flow paths:
Flow path I :
Flow path I cools the stator winding. This flow path passes through water manifold on the exciter end of the generator and from there to the stator bars via insulated bar is connected to the manifold by a separate hose. Inside the bars the cooling water flows through hollow strands. At the turbine end, the water is passed through the similar hoses to another water manifold and then return to the primary water tank. Since a single pass water flow through the stator is used, only a minimum temperature rise is obtained for both the coolant and the bars. Relatively movements due to the different thermal expansions between the top and the bottom bars are thus minimized.
Flow Path II :
Flow path II cools the phase connectors and the bushings. The bushing and the phase connectors consist of the thick walled copper tubes through which the cooling water is circulated. The six bushings and phase connectors arranged
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