Primary Thinking Style : Humanistic And Affiliative Style Of Thinking

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From my LSI survey results my primary thinking style is “The constructive style” which includes Humanistic and Affiliative styles of thinking. According to the Survey this style of thinking enables me to make decisions that allows me to improve myself and to build healthy relationships with the people around me. Another definition that I have come across that also explains this style of thinking a little more in depth explains; “Constructive thinking is basically a way of thinking constructively about your world and environment. So instead of reacting to these events, you choose to interpret and then respond to them in ways that will support your growth and development and minimize friction with the external environment.” (Constructive …show more content…

Humanistic-Encouraging, Affiliative, Achievement and Self Actualization, my thinking style embodies all of them and are utilized both in my personal and professional lives. My secondary thinking style according to the survey is the “Passive/Defensive styles” which includes Approval, Conventional, Dependent and Avoidance. I do not wholeheartedly agree with this survey but there are elements of it that characterizes my thinking style. This style of thinking means that I am cautious when it comes to the way I interact with people and it addresses certain security issues that basically decides if I trust certain people or not. As a leader, I always give my subordinates the benefit of the doubt until they demonstrate through their actions that I can no longer trust them. Although I see this style of thinking as a positive way to help shield oneself from disappointments that could be brought about by interactions with others, however “they interfere with personal effectiveness and negatively impact individual health and well-being.” (Passive/Defensive styles, 2014). When trust becomes an issue in the workplace then it does interfere with the interactions between people and therefore build negativity in the team. . Also, I do not necessarily seek approval from others to get something done but I do seek recognition or at least some kind of an acknowledgement. Even though I adhere to the rule, I do not conform myself too much into the rules because I view

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