Princess Diaries Two: Royal Engagement

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Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement promotes female empowerment and equality throughout the film. Set in the fictional European country of Genovia, the plot centers around twenty-one-year-old Princess Mia Thermopolis as she prepares to take her rightful place as Queen. In order to do so, Genovian parliament requires her to marry a bachelor of royal bloodlines within a thirty-day timespan. Mia adheres to this ultimatum, until she decides she is capable of ruling without a King and convinces Parliament to change the Genovian law. This film does not adhere to the historical Liberal Feminism ideology that women are irrational and driven solely by emotion. The portrayal of women in the film depicts current ideology, stating that women are rational and capable of being educated. Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement presents women as powerful and reasonable through the character of Queen Clarisse, the educational backgrounds and knowledge-base of Mia and her best friend Lily, and Mia’s defiance against gender-driven law, thus rejecting previously held ideas that women are unreasonable. Queen Clarisse is portrayed as elegant, dignified, and competent enough to rule her kingdom without a man. She dons a royal crown and proper, extravagant gowns at public events, and is regarded with utmost respect. She…show more content…
The films’ presentation of women as powerful, knowledgeable, and rational adheres to the current Liberal Feminist thought that women have the ability to participate in politics, be educated and reasonable, and are more than just their emotions. Although this film is merely a work of fiction, it illustrates the constant change in feminist ideals
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