Privacy Rights : An Analysis Of Current Technology And Software Essay

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Privacy Rights: An Analysis of Current Technology and Software
Technology is currently changing our privacy in the digital age and the implications that has for our private information. The digitization of our life plays a major role in how much privacy we should expect. The digital era has brought new technology to collect, store, and analyze data all with the click of a button. This means that our data is not as private as it used to be when technology was not storing our data. Having something public means something completely different than it did 20 years ago. Today, all of our information is available publicly online and to a wider audience than ever before. With this exponential increase in technology, many have been looking for ways that they can protect their privacy. This essay hopes to explore a multitude of different ways one privacy can be compromised, such as hacking of companies or web tracking. It will also examine ways to protect one’s privacy. Technological innovation brings with it new challenges and questions about privacy in a landscape dominated by increased software use around the globe.
Defining Privacy
To understand how much privacy, we have, it is pertinent to define privacy as it has a multitude of connotations and different meanings. It can be hard to exactly pinpoint what privacy entails. The first definition of privacy that has similarities to how people feel about privacy today was written in 1890. They believe that privacy was simply “the

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