Privilege : Privilege And Privilege

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Privilege Privilege applies to certain people who benefit more than other people in the same social, political or economic spaces (Henderson, L., week 1, 2014). Somebody might be privileged only because that person is wealthier or more powerful compared to the others. Privilege is an advantage enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most. “Privilege is expressed as an advantage based on status or rank that is used to maintain status quo” (Collins, J., et al., 2011). Privilege can applies to different concept, such as male privilege, white privilege and heterosexual privilege, all of which have implications for education. Although it is still taboo, with evolution, we have come far and we are now starting to accept equality between men and women, white and black and starting to acknowledge heterosexual. Growing up, I never thought of education as a privilege. Now I know how lucky and how blessed I am I had the benefit of a good education at a private school and college. Furthermore I now have the opportunity to study in Melbourne, something hard to do if you do not have the resources. Although education is free in most countries, a lot of children stop studying when they can to find a job to help the family. Invisibility “Invisibility is the state of an object that cannot be seen” (Henderson, L., week 1, 2014). Invisibility usually involves objects. But because we cannot see it does not mean it is not there. A bachelor is not invisible, it can be seen in

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