Pro Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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Professional athletes deserve nothing that they have today. All they do is sit on their bums and watch mindless tv like real Americans. Most people earn a wage that is incomparable to the pro athlete’s wages. People who risk their lives don’t even get paid as much as the pros. For instance, firemen, nurses, and soldiers save lives and the soldiers even go as far as to risk their lives and don’t even make as much as them in a LIFETIME! Lebron james makes infinitely more then those people do. He makes at least, or over, 71 million dollars a year. I can’t even fathom such a massive amount of money. Even doctors don’t get paid as much as he does, and they actually save lives sometimes. Teachers work real hard to take care and educate kids with no extra benefit, and the special ed teachers get it the worst. It’s unfair to the people that work twice as hard as they do. If they play a game or not, they get paid regardless. Oil field workers don’t get paid as much either. They work physically hard for minimum pay. Pro athletes don’t have to worry about bills, too. They can live, or do live, without a care in the world. Everyone else lines from paycheck to pay to paycheck. There isn’t enough money in the world. There is a lot, perhaps even millions, obviously, two-income families. Indeed, some athletes work hard and…show more content…
Negligible even. I still get that some people do like watching them play games, and I understand that, I just don’t like the pro athletes or their egos, because let’s admit it, they are prideful sometimes. professional athletes don’t deserve any of the stuff they have today. All they do is sti on their bume and watch mindless tv like real Americans. They’re just a bunch of prideful, smug, overconfident, lobotomies. I don’t like their ego, nor do I like any aspect of them whatsoever. They don’t deserve anything they have
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