Probation Is The Criminal Justice System

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Question one
Probation is defined as ‘the conditional release of an offender into the community, under the supervision of a probation officer. ' The inclination made from this definition is that probation is not permanent and is revocable if certain conditions are not met as per the agreement between the criminal justice system and the offender (Schemalleger, 2009).
The rations for probation are usually four: allowing the offender to be part of the community’s reintegration services. It relies on maintenance of family and social ties as a way of rehabilitating the offender. Probation also helps the offender not to face the danger of alienation from the society due to the stigmatization that usually happens in cases of imprisonment. The …show more content…

The implication is that there exists a need on why probation needs to be upheld as a way of serving varying interests based on the evidence of its efficiency.
Conclusively, there are loopholes in probation process such as incompetency, and this should only be a reason to make the involved bodies seek ways of sealing such loopholes.
Question two
Recidivism refers to repeated arrests for the crime. It merely infers to a person being arrested and going through the correctional services only to be rearrested again.
As a taxpayer, recidivism is an important indicator of the efficiency of the billions of dollars being pumped into the criminal justice system. If recidivism is on the decline, it is a sign that the resources are being utilized in serving the collective societal needs. If not, it only points to a loss of resources. Recidivism is also an important factor in showing how safe a taxpayer in light of prevailing crimes. As such, recidivism is vital in proving effective resource utilization and safety needs of the community.
Question three
It is rather a question of opinion on whether probation officers can help offenders keep away from crime. It is a question that needs to be approached from a broad perspective, starting with an understanding of the probation process.
Probation officers are only meant to supervise that the

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