Process Flow For Generating Service Route

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The company in question is a leading environmental services provider that offers collection, processing, recycling, as well as disposal of both non-hazardous and hazardous materials for automotive and industrial clientele. Having branches across the United States, service representatives in these branches carry out service provision for customers who are geographically dispersed across their respective territories.
From the As-is process, we can see that there are approximately 45,000 service orders each week across all branches; the volume of service orders per week is quite large. In order to maximize time and fuel efficiency, and also reduce the cost of …show more content…

Improve the process of estimating route feasibility by reducing the number of changes to the finalized route by at least 20 percent. 2. Improve estimates of speed and distance for service routes by at least 20 percent. However, the metrics for these two goals were not standard or measurable. In addition, in the define phase, the company did not collect and analyze customer opinions and preferences, despite one of the deep purpose of the project being to improve customer satisfaction. As such there is little evidence to prove whether the project goals were in line with user requirements or not. Besides, after the team set up the project goals, an in-frame/out-of-frame analysis was established to manage the scope of the project from the information technical (IT) and branch operations perspective. This was done to establish what was within direct control of the team and what was not. However, from a business perspective, they did not have a clear and reachable plan for the project time period, and no actual timeline for the entire process. It is unusual to not show a business flow following a timeline or give a specific plan for accomplishing of the project goals. Based on this, the project team gets a low grade for the first criteria.
Application of Six Sigma Tools In the Six Sigma application, one of the most important segments is using the tools and techniques correctly and properly. In the define phase, the company defined the

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