Business Analysis : Procter And Gamble Essay

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The business that we are delving into being Procter and Gamble located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Procter and Gamble is the largest publicly traded company here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Proctor and Gamble are involved in other countries which have manufacturing and product sales. Procter and Gamble are known to be one of the largest investors, exporters and employees around the globe. This paper will discuss the most advantageous methods of importing and exporting and explore the exchange of currencies and its impact on the company. Procter and Gamble main office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, majority their products are made in the Arabian Peninsula in 1956. P&G began importing Tide detergent to Saudi Arabia and many other countries overseas. Just like any other company Procter and Gamble need to continue to be creative and invest into foreign markets in order to remain viable. Years later we will see that P&G has done very well due to having expanded and using other foreign methods. In doing so, majority of their products are manufactured aboard. The financial state of Procter and Gamble rely heavily on the success of said manufacturing factories outside the United States. In addition, Procter and Gamble just like any other company that does business in a different county, is subject to a foreign exchange rates for foreign currencies, which may can reduce the U.S. dollar value of revenues and earnings received as well as exchange controls and other limits on our

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