Productivity Improvement in Screw Type Biomass Briquettes Manufactoring by Planning Downtime

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The sectional details of the parts are shown in fig 3 in which the machine shaft is supported by radial and thrust bearings. Radial bearings support the dead load on the shaft, while thrust bearings support the axial load due to compression of saw dust by screw. One end of the shaft is connected to the gear drive. In the other end of the shaft screw is inserted. Starting section of screw placed inside barrel conveys the material into the mould. Mould is made in two sections, first in which the cross section gradually reduced to the final shape of briquette (called forming mould or wear sleeve) and the later with uniform cross section of the final briquette which exerts necessary back pressure for compression due to friction.…show more content…
For the second set of readings the stoppages are preplanned so that screw is removed before it was damaged considerably. The heater is stopped earlier; very fine powder not suitable for briquetting was introduced inside to push the previously formed matter out making the cleaning process easy and short. The system will be started again with the new screw in place and heated to required temperature about 250oC. The average down time in this trial was considerably reduced to 31 minutes. The experimental details are given in table 1. Table 1 Experimental details for Eutectrode 700 coated screw
The same kind of trials are repeated with screws coated with VAUTID 302 which is a tungsten carbide electrode and its coating increased life of screw to more than 10 hrs[10]. The same type of mould with Eutechtrode 700 was used in this trial but replaced along with the second screw replacement. Readings were taken for 4 trials to keep the total duration similar to that of first set. The next set of trials with planned stoppages was also conducted for 4 trials in the similar way and the readings tabulated. The details of the experiment are presented in table 2. Preplanning downtime has shown improvements in the following aspects.
 The downtime per setup went down;
 productivity has shown improvement;
 Even though it was not accounted labor productivity & morale went up significantly.
 The production of unacceptable quality briquettes at the last part of
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