Professional Collaboration Time As A Team And With Other Service Providers Essay

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EDUC 512 Individual Application Project Marla Layton
Professional collaboration time. I agree with Barnett that teachers need time to work as a team and with other service providers. I do a lot of co-teaching with my grade level teachers. Teachers do not have the opportunity to work with each other and coordinate planning times unless they come early or stay late (which is what ends up happening).
Student-centered classrooms have a lot in common with democratic and inclusive classrooms. In both, students take responsibility of their own learning. They work well with their classmates and are invested in gaining new knowledge. The role of the teacher is also similar. Teachers guide students by providing examples and modeling new concepts. They positively play off of individual differences and place emphasis on what strengths each student adds to the class. The content they cover is relevant to the real-word and challenges the students.
Position Statement
Truly inclusive classrooms may include students with specialized needs who are fully mainstream in the general education classroom. They may also include students with specialized needs who are served both in the general and special education classroom. Whichever the case is, general education teachers need to create a democratic and inclusive learning community that provides all students with the opportunity to succeed both academically and behaviorally in the general education setting. However, general education teachers

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