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The article that I have selected is a study investigating the health practices and the lifestyle of registered nursing in today’s work force. Registered nurses live a very stressful life and their own personal health and well being may be sacrificed. The primary purpose of this nursing of this study was to gather baseline data on the health promoting lifestyles of RNs. The RNs that were studied in this article worked in six major health care and educational institutions in southeast Pennsylvania. This study also had the goal of generated data for future research and educated nurses on the importance of personal health. This study utilized a descriptive correlational study design. They provided the participants with the 52-item …show more content…

A sample of 494 RNs answered the online survey which was a response rate of about 26% of the 1,902 nurses invited to participate. No incentives other than the opportunity to participate in nursing research were provided (Thacker et al., 2016). The HPLPII was the instrument used in this study to assess the health promotion activities of the nurses. It consists of 52-items that uses a point system that starts at 1 which is never and goes to 4 which is routinely to measure frequency. It consists of six subscales which each have 8-9 items and measure six dimensions: health responsibility, interpersonal relations, nutrition, physical activity, spiritual growth, and stress management (Thacker et al., 2016). The scale has been found to have high internal consistency with an alpha value of 0.94 and the subscales have an acceptable internal consistency with alpha values ranging from 0.79-0.87. This establishes a firm validity making is a reliable instrument to use to assess the health promotion activities in this study. A demographic instrument to describe the sample population was also used (Thacker et al., 2016). A p-value of less that 0.05 was established to determine statistical significance. There were no statistically significant correlations among the variables of age, education, nursing position, or type of nursing specialty and

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