Professionalism Is Defined As Work Place Behaviors

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To remain productive and successful in the workplace, an individual must maintain a superior level of professionalism. Professionalism is defined as work-place behaviors that result in positive business relationships. In the How-Do-You-Rate assessments, all of my results showed a clear understanding in business etiquette. To put in my own words what professionalism means to me, it is your ability to demonstrate yourself in an appropriate, responsible, goal-determined manner, while working respectively and alongside your business community. Your professionalism is presented by you and interpreted by others. The projections you portray to others can increase/decrease the value of your input in the workplace. I have developed an action plan that will guide myself to achieve the highest professionalism possible. I decided to call my brother up to ask his input on professionalism. Jason is a graduate from Georgetown University with a finance major. He is currently working for a commercial real estate finance company in Washington D.C. and is blessed with a great job and great opportunities’. I asked him how he defines professionalism, and he answered, “Professionalism is who you are within the company, and how your values are perceived by others.” I told him about my paper and he mentioned to speak on the proper attitude to have, the appearance to show, the communication skills to have, and the motivation to achieve your goals. The first step in the direction of professionalism

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