Project Deliverable 2: Business Requirements. 1.Describe

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Project Deliverable 2: Business Requirements 1. Describe the Scope and Analyze How to Control the Scope This document defines scope as all the work that goes into the project to create the result, or the entirety of all the requisites mentioned therein. Maintaining proper scope is the key to any project. National travel agencies can have a chain of storefronts spread out across the country, most with an online presence but built on in-person consultation and sales. A nationwide organization enjoys substantial purchasing power, but on average carries more overhead and smaller profit margins (Morello, n.d., p. 1). This common service is not only ineffective but is severely out-of-date with today’s tech-savvy populace, and therefore…show more content…
He needs to ensure that the project’s scope clearly identifies and accurately associates to the resources, time and budget throughout the life cycle of the project. It is just as equally important that the project manager controls the scope. The most common reason for software project failures is not failure to control budget or schedule, but an inability to control requirements, either at the outset or during the build phase (Nielsen, n.d., para. 1). It starts with a stakeholder having one objective in mind, but after the last speaker has added his or her wish list, it bears no resemblance to the original vision. Failure to maintain a narrow focus on the initial objective of the project will lead to overruns of both schedule and budget (Nielsen, n.d., p. 1). You should be as accurate as possible in the Project Charter, Preliminary Scope Statement, or Statement of Work (SOW). The Project Charter and Preliminary Scope Statement will establish the blueprints for the final product and should be used throughout the project to ensure you keep it on track. Address anything not covered in these documents through a formal change request. Change requests and requests for changes (frequently software), not included in either the Project Charter or Preliminary Scope Statement and is commonly associated with scope creep. If this becomes an issue, it will be
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