Project Development And Implementation For Strategic Managers

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Project development and implementation for strategic managers. Title: Introducing Bagel Sand-witches in retail supermarkets. Introduction Overview A project is a short term task where people, resources, finance and technologies are assembled together to complete a designated task within a fixed time in a specific area and the systematic planning to such task is called project development and management. The research manager has to plan, develop, monitor, evaluate and accomplish the projects so that it runs effectively and efficiently under a budget. Thus, a project development consist of all the factors that helps in the successful completion of the project within allocate time and cost. Project development and implementation for…show more content…
The company is now moving into a new area which is supplying a premade bagel sandwiches in the retail supermarkets like Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. There is the high demand of bagel sandwiches and if they are brought into the retail market people can eat them at home too without any hassles. The idea seems to be quite practical and in demand and thus bagel factory wanted to start a project in which the bagel sandwiches will be attempted to be sold on the supermarkets with a well-planned strategy along with a fresh taste. This research will be about the project development and implementation of the application of the plans to accomplish the project. Task 1 1.0 Developing project specification. A project specification is the foundation or heart of any project. Project specification refers to the broad and detail explanation or project objective for developing a project consisting goals and functionality in developing and gathering required resources. The project specification gives a clear plan of the implementation and resource allocation as well as resource usage for the smooth and effective operation of the project during the entire project completion period. 1.1 Factors contributing in project selection. There are various factors in choosing to select a project. The main factors are states as below: Demand. The demand of the product in market is the main factor in the selection of the project. The customer demand gives an idea for any
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