Project Management : A Relatively Young Field Of Professional Discipline

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Are We Getting Any Better? Comparing Project Management in the Years 2000 and 2008
Project management is a relatively young field of professional discipline. The history of project management has been written by Morris, 1994. It shows significant changes and development through the time, also suggesting that some area still needs identifying. Further studies and research are taken to improve project management on five major directions: project complexity, social process, value creation, project conceptualization and development. Meanwhile, strategic/business view, operational/process view and team/leadership view may become the central views for project management research in next few years.
Numerous studies are available to indicate the development of project management, including historical analyses on particular projects of their success and failure. The results suggest that project management can still be improved. We have studied the historical development of project management under one company that provides an easy way to understand the development of project management under the company. Some certain lessons of project management development have also been studied, the most famous example is the Standish Group reposts (see
Table 1 displays the advantaged development from 2000 to 2008, the project success rate has increased and the challenged projects rate has declined steadily. But it also shows that 2006 had better

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