Project Management: An Initiative Toward Development of Employees and the Company

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Project Management Paper
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Project Management Paper Rapid growth of technology in the marketplace has companies examining ways in which businesses operate on a normal level. Managers face challenges with the task of adapting to a changing surroundings and a different breed of employees. Managers must implement a different approach that will allow them to become accustomed to situations that develop inside and outside of the company (Kerzner, 2006). Project management will assist managers in moving forward to reduce bureaucracy and launch flexible actions or tasks that will advance the company and the employees.
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Project managers are key elements of a successful product for a business. According to Kerzner (2006) implementing project management would allow companies to identify functional responsibilities to make certain all task are accounted for, reduce reporting, identify scheduling, methodology for trade-off analysis, measure achievements against plans, and early detection of problems, improves future planning, and recognize potential failure and success. Project management intention is to enhance the use of current resources by task flowing horizontally as well as vertically inside a business. Project managers must administer project within the work flow of the company.
Project life-cycle The objective of most growing company is to expand profits by launching new products. In launching new products companies must understand the project lifecycle of a product. A project manager’s essential responsibility is to plan, integrate, and execute plans, or tasks. When a project manager fails to plan therefore, he or she will plan to have an unsuccessful project. Project planning normally starts with top executives and proceed to lower-level supervisor and line managers. Life-cycle phases of a product allow managers to have stages of activities to complete before advancing to the next level. Another benefit of a life-cycle phase is to have power or control over the product stages. The basic phases of a project life-cycle includes:

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