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Top of Form The Perfect Cup Business Plan for the Period Starting January 2005 Business Overview Business History The Perfect Cup is a new restaurant venture with an expected opening date in March of 2005 in Somewhereville, Texas. The business is a coffee shop located in Old Town, a newly renovated section of town, with antique shops and galleries along the main street. We will specialize in coffee, tea, cappuccino, frozen cappuccino, and homemade cookies and brownies. There are no other shops that only serve coffee in Old Town, the nearest being over five miles away. Our target audience is intellectuals/artists/writers. Currently, there are no places in the surrounding area that cater to artists and writers. The Perfect Cup…show more content…
Description of Key Competitors Of the three coffee shops in the area, one is a large chain with a very expensive product, one is really a homestyle restaurant, the last one, and our biggest competitor is an antique store with a "tea room". Analysis of Competitive Position Our pricing strategy and comfortable atmosphere will be the key to our success. None of the other shops in the area can offer this. Pricing Strategy We will offer three sizes of drinks, small $1.00, medium $1.50 and large $2.00. Our cookies and brownies will sell for $1.00 each. Promotion Strategy We intend to advertise in the local newspapers and offer a "frequent drinkers club" discount to our best customers. We will also send out ads via direct mail, which will include cents off coupons. Management and Staffing Organizational Structure Our organizational structure will be a simple pyramid style with the owners putting in as much work as the employees. Management Team April and Arlene will share management and supervisory responsibilities equally. Arlene for the morning shift. April for the afternoon shift. Staffing We will hire two busboys and two waitresses, these will be recruited from the local high school. Labor Market Issues In this area there are many high school students looking for work, part time or full time, we want to fill that need. Regulatory Issues Somewhereville and the state of Texas
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