Project Management Structure, Policy And Ethic, And Culture

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The purpose of this document is to provide inside of the organization vision/Mission, Objective, project management structure, policy & Ethic, and culture


GuestLogix is a global leader in comprehensive retail solutions delivered to the passenger travel industry, both onboard and off board. Bringing over a decade of expertise as the industry’s most trusted onboard transaction processing partner to airlines, rail operators and elsewhere in the passenger travel industry, GuestLogix powers the industry’s growing reliance on ancillary revenue generation. Both direct to operators as well as through partnerships with global leaders in catering, …show more content…

Below are few key measurable technological innovation and strategy to support the mission. All of which are executed as an individual program or partnership with customers to achieve.

Comprehensive Warehouse Management for Streamlined Store Planning
A powerful warehouse management system that includes site definition, product management, vendor management, purchase order processing, transfers between locations, stock control, reorder alerting, equipment management, and packing, dispatch and receiving.

Real-time Inventory Control to Simplify Work Processes
When it comes to managing inventory, OBR Plus features end-to-end reconciliation from the warehouse to the Onboard Store and back to the warehouse to help improve inventory accuracy, simplify work processes and save valuable time and money.

Tax Management Specifically Designed for Travel Operators
OBR Plus delivers a critical tax management tool for the definition and application of value added tax (VAT) and other taxes across geographies.

Robust Business Intelligence Tools for Optimum Onboard Store Performance
The strength of OBR Plus lies in the analytics tool that features executive dashboards to determine key performance metrics through real-time data, drillable reports, and mobile alerts for data delivery – anytime, anywhere.

Partnership with third parties
One of strategic project was created to partner with customers and third party vendors to support some of above technological innovation.


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