Project Quality Management Chapter 8 Discussion Questions Essay

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Q1. Discuss some of the examples of poor quality in information technology projects presented in the “What Went Wrong?” section. Could most of these problems have been avoided? Why do you think there are so many examples of poor quality in information technology projects?

Answer: Many of these problems could be avoided by performing better quality management. One problem is that software and hardware is hitting the market too fast, so people selling these might be more concerned about money than safety or wellbeing of the consumers or the company in the long term.

Q2.What are the main processes included in planning project quality management?

Answer: The project quality …show more content…

Describe typical benchmarks associated with a college or university.

Answer: Benchmarking generates ideas for quality improvements by comparing specific project practices or product characteristics to those of other projects or products within or outside the performing organization.
Benchmarks help you compare project practices or product characteristics to others within or outside the organization. Typical benchmarks with a college or university include rankings, student/faculty ratio, acceptance rate, graduation rate, percentage of faculty with Ph.D.s, etc.

Q5.What are the three main categories of outputs of quality control?

Answer: * The main outputs of quality control are: * Acceptance decisions * Rework * Process adjustments * There are Seven Basic Tools of Quality that help in performing quality control

Q6.Provide examples of when you would use the Seven Basic Tools of Quality on an information technology project.
Answer: The seven tools are: * Cause and Effect Diagrams used to identify the underlying symptoms of a problem or “effect” as a means of finding the root cause. * Pareto Charts: Based upon the Pareto Principle that states that 80% of a problem is attributable to 20% of its causes, or inputs, a Pareto Chart organizes and displays information in order to show the relative importance of various problems or causes of problems. * Flow

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