Pros And Cons Of Being A Jerk

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In todays modern workforce, you have to do something that will set you apart from the competition in order to succeed, the workforce is very competitive no matter what your job is. Many people ask them selfs how they should treat their coworkers, with respect and to be firm, or to be nice and apologetic, or just a plain jerk. The vast majority of people will agree that they hate to work for or with a jerk, but what they don't realize is that they respect or listen to the “jerk” for the most part. Often people will appreciate or be thankful for a nice boss or coworker. A common negative of being the “nice” person in the workplace is that people will tend to eventually take advantage of you. Men and women tend to have to act differently in the…show more content…
Even though your coworkers might not typically enjoy your presence or consider you someone they would go to the bar with, but they will typically will respect you (Reiter 142). People who seem to know that their own ideas are the best tend to come off to other people with opposing ideas as a jerk in every aspect of life, not only the workforce. It can come off as this because the alleged “jerk” will not even consider any opposing view point or alternative method to get something done. They do this because they know they have thought through every possibly way to accomplish a task, and came to their conclusion and will stick with it. To be a nice boss or coworker typically means not always putting your own personal feelings and thoughts first. You have to take in account other peoples feelings, their lives and what they are experiencing. Often times nice coworkers end up “taking responsibility for making things right, even when it wasn't them who made it go wrong”(Reiter 14). This leads to your own feelings and issues being left alone, because the main focus of work is dealing with other peoples…show more content…
The ideal workplace would be a place where everyone gets along, and everyone gets promoted and everyones happy. The one issue? Competition. In todays workforce people constantly want to keep moving forward and setting them selves apart from others, that is how people get promotions. People obviously need too and should work as hard as possible in order to move up in rank at work, workers need to make their boss happy to keep their job. One strategy Tinsley suggested was to be a “advocate for others”(Tinsley). She claimed that there is new research that suggests that if women are advocates for others, sticking up for other people no matter the situation, they will not be seen as violating today feminine norms, and that they will actually be respected for
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