Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones In The Classroom

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It was silent, too silent. The only thing you could hear was the air conditioning running like white noise in the background. The students were focused on the test. “Ding”, a cell phone goes off. A small noise but a big distraction. Cell phones in classrooms are a leading cause of a lot of problems in schools. The solution to those problems is obvious, students should not be allowed to have cellphones in class because they sanction cheating, provide unnecessary distractions, and helps bullies. To start, cell phones help cheaters. Having cell phones in class allow students to discreetly ask about or give answers to another student. For example, a cheater could text a friend a picture of the work to copy, and vice versa. What if a student did not know the answer to a single question on an important test? They would pull out their phone and send a quick text to their friend for the answers. In addition to communication with fellow cheating classmates, cellphones help cheaters in other ways. Not only can students communicate with other students during class on their phones, but phones today also provide access to the internet. This tempts students to lazily get through the class using websites such as wikipedia, sparknotes, google translate, and other websites students abuse for cheating purposes. During class students can discreetly look up answer they do not know and even silently ask a friend, all because cellphones are allowed in class. Students that get through school

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