Pros And Cons Of Habit 4: Think Win-Win

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Habit four: Think Win-Win
Think Win-Win teaches us to work together to seek mutual benefits. This habit encourages us to see other people as cooperatives rather than competitors. It is based on the theory that there is plenty in this world for everybody and one person`s success shouldn’t be achieved on the expense of others success.
Most people think that if I win, you lose. But in order to become more effective we should work with people to get the power of the abilities and strengths of other people by creating Win-Win situations. With Win-Lose, or Lose-Win situations, we seem to get what we want for now, but after that, the consequences of these situations will negatively influence our relationships with others for long time.
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For example, two plants close together, their roots will improve the quality of the soil and both plants will grow better than each of them alone, as well as, two pieces of wood will hold more weight together than they will hold separately. According to this principle, one plus one equals three or more. By understanding and valuing the differences in another person’s perspective, we have the opportunity to create synergism, which allows us to discover new potentials through frankness and inspiration. The blend of all the previously mentioned habits prepares us for this habit, the habit of …show more content…

Habit seven is taking time to sharpen the saw (improve our skills) through self-renewal, self-care, self-respect and self-improvement, it’s the habit that makes all the other habits possible. To be effective, we must dedicate time for renewing ourselves in order to considerably increase our ability to practice each habit.
The four dimensions of renewal defined by Stephen Covey are:
1. Physical Dimension: It involves the goal of continuous physical renewal by caring for our physical body in order to enhance our capacity to work, adapt, and enjoy. Focusing on this dimension helps us develop Habit 1 “muscles of proactivity”.
2. Spiritual Dimension: This dimension is our core, our center, our commitment to our value system. Renewing the spiritual dimension either by praying or by meditation or whatever helps us practice Habit 2 and provides leadership to our lives.
3. Mental Dimension: To renew our mental health we have to work on expanding and sharpening our minds by reading, writing, organizing and planning, and this will greatly help us develop Habit 3 by dealing with ourselves effectively to maximize the use of our time and

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