Pros And Cons Of Influencer Marketing

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Internet nowadays is permeating every facet of our world and every generation. It allows the masses to wrest control of fame from traditional media, creating micro-celebrities with the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger. Influencer, as known as internet celebrity or Wang Hong in China, is a nascent term to describe those who gain huge influence and have built favorable reputation by means of social media. In the cyber world, netizens just cannot help discussing about internet celebrities. What they have worn, what they have said and even how they live are magnifying by their followers, in which many of internet celebrities translate their audience’s attention into profit. Sina Weibo once summarized business models of Internet celebrity as follows: Create a pretty and fashionable self-image,…show more content…
But it doesn’t mean that influencer marketing is dead. Influencer marketing agencies are success drivers first because they are trusted to choose the right influencers. As long as audiences trust their influencers, influencer marketing will not be dead. It is down to the agencies but the influencers also play their part. Another aspect to consider is that influencer marketing agencies that have a more manual approach will progressively put themselves out of business. Technological businesses will gradually replace them because they know how to get a one to one relationship with the influencers but also to identify them through technology. Many people tend to conciliate influence with popularity. Influencers are not only ideas maker; they also have a highly engaged community. The first objective of influencer marketing is not only to generate viral content but to interact and engage with a target audience through the influencer’s voice. All in all, influencer marketing is evolving at a rapid pace and will continue to
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