Impact Of Youtube On Social Media

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Discussion & Conclusion This investigation on the use of YouTube in Singapore provides a utopian narrative of social media, as YouTube has provided both producers and consumers an alternative platform to traditional mass media, on which users can produce and share their desired media contents exclusive of Singapore’s censorship restrictions. Furthermore, it reiterates the importance of context and repeated performance in decoding identity on social media. The entertainers were able to draw a divide between their identity and the different characters they portray on-screen because the outros provided context on which their performance should be interpreted, which was facilitated by the collapse of frontstage and backstage on the videos. Moreover, these YouTubers their popularity to boost their projects in other ventures by utilizing the traversability afforded by YouTube’s structural framework. They were able to consolidate weak ties into stronger ties by reaching out to fans on multiple platforms. The use of these platforms simulated a sense of intimacy and authenticity between the audiences and the entertainers, and the translation of attention from the channels to the YouTubers’ personal social media accounts boosted their social capital, which brought them further recognition and endorsement opportunities. The need for YouTube comedy-skit channel is interesting albeit not surprising. It is not that there is a lack of comedy TV shows in Singapore; however, the

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