Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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How many children would love just to roll out bed and not worry about what they are going to wear, or if they can afford the latest fashion? School uniforms are no longer just for private schools, as many public schools are choosing to us them as well. Should all children have to wear a school uniform, or should students be able to wear what they want? Should it be just a simple dress code instead of mandated school uniforms. As schools consider the use of uniforms, many topics must be dealt with. Administrators, parents, and students must deal with bullying, individuality, and costs when considering uniforms There are advantages and disadvantages to requiring students to wear uniforms to school.
When a school enforces uniforms, students have less distractions, students are no longer able to dress provocatively in school. Considering, many teens are wearing the latest fashion trends where these fashions are making clothes more revealing, and fitting tighter on their bodies. If they are not wearing the latest fashion they are wearing baggy loose fitting clothing that hangs off them and you are able to see their underwear. Some students have a hard time being able to concentrate on their school material due to all these distractions. Students are more and more worried about what they or other students are wearing and less on what is being taught in the class room. Also, teachers must spend more time on talking to students about what should be and should not be worn in the classroom and not on teaching. If everyone is wearing the same clothing then they are no longer needed to worry about what their friends or anyone else is wearing given they are all wearing the same thing.

Another advantage of students wearing uniforms is violence will go down. I can remember hearing stories of kids being beaten or killed for their shirts, shoes and jackets. No longer will students be trying to steal jackets or shoes from other students. With some students are wearing the very expensive shoes and jackets that other students want and cannot afford, when they are no longer able to wear them the violence will go down. Additional benefit would be that students would no longer be bullied for nor not wearing the latest
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