Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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An epidemic among many schools around the United States and around the world is one huge thing. This epidemic among schools is the fact that students have to wear uniforms for their schools. However, some parents and students may disagree with wearing these uniforms. I am one who supports the statement that students should not wear these uniforms for their schools. The next paragraphs will explain the pros and cons of not wearing and wearing school uniforms.

I personally think that students shouldn’t wear school uniforms, but there are some benefits to wearing school uniforms. To begin with, School uniforms keep students focused on their education, not their clothes. A bulletin published by the National Association of Secondary School
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Now for the main focus of this paper, which is why students should not wear school uniforms. To begin with, school uniforms restrict students' freedom of expression. The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees that all individuals have the right to express themselves freely. Clothing is also a popular means of expressing support for various social causes and compulsory uniforms largely remove that option. In Oct. 2013, students at Friendly High School in Prince George's County, MD, were not allowed to wear pink shirts to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a result, 75 students received in-school suspensions for breaking the school's uniform restrictions. Another reason why students shouldn’t wear school uniforms is that students focusing on uniforms takes attention away from finding genuine solutions to problems in education. Spending time and effort implementing uniform policies may detract from more effective efforts to reduce crime in schools and boost student performance. More substantive improvements to public education could be achieved with smaller class sizes, tightened security, increased parental involvement, improved facilities, and other measures. Many students say that they are a distraction from focusing on systematic and fundamental transformation to improve their schools. A final reason why school uniforms should not be weared is that they could promote bullying to some students. In

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