Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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Standardized testing is all based on your performance as a student on a specific day, time and place. What it doesn’t show is how you perform on a day to day basis. These types of test can be given in any type of form that requires test takers to answer the same questions, and is then scored in a “standard” or consistent manner. Students should not have to take standardized test because of many reasons. As a human I have days where I’m tired and didn’t get enough sleep the night before or it is just a day where I don’t have any energy or ambition to do anything. The administrators often tell you to make sure that you are well rested and have had something to eat before you take the test. That still won’t help me perform better on the …show more content…

Which then takes away from the ultimate goal which is student success. There are many things wrong with standardized testing and they want to be able to get an understanding of a student's knowledge, but if they stressed and don’t understand what is being asked they will not perform their best. WH8ch impacts them in many ways just by taking a test in one day. Another argument on why standardized testing is that they test you on one thing in a certain way that is “common” for everyone. This is not ideal since tI learn differently than others and from the person sitting next to me, but they are taking the same exact test and are expected to know the same as well. Everyone is their own person. They may be a visual learner, hands on, note taker, or just memorize certain things. How can they create a test that fits every student's needs? If the test is seen as a common understanding of materials then students such as myself are at a disadvantage since we are often not given enough background knowledge to answer the questions effectively or completely.With standardized testing they only look at specific things. In the test they have sections of writing, reading and math. Everybody is their own person and they may struggle in math or with writing. Students have their own skills and things that they are interested in. Instead of being a math person they may enjoy science more so taking a

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