Pros And Cons Of The European Union

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Since the end of the Second World War the leading countries in Europe try to build a sort of union to consolidate all Europeans countries together and avoid another conflict or a war. The union was evolving in time and it reached a point of the creation of the actual European Union in 1957 with only 6 countries – Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, West Germany, France and Luxembourg. Through the years European Union get bigger and bigger and today it have 28 official members even if there is Great Britain which is on the point to leave the union. It is an economic and political union which brings peace into the Europe. Europe was not ever that peaceful and that is thanks to the union. European identity is a very vast topic and everybody understands it and feels it in a …show more content…

The motto was translated to all languages of European Union. It is used since 2000 and should express that with all the different traditions, languages and cultures European Union is strong and peaceful.
There is also other aspect which can be taken as a part of the European identity as for example the different institutions or the currency.
The common currency is called “euro”. Euro is not used by all members; only 19 countries out of 28 are in the monetary union. A euro as currency was for a first time used in 2002.
European Union has got executive, legislative, judiciary power and its own institutions as parliament, council, commission, court of justice, central bank and many others. Any citizens of European Union have got the possibility to vote their representatives to the European Parliament in order to directly participate in the decision making.
We can observe that European Union is using the same symbols as any other country to build a common identity but the question is “does it really works? “.

European Union has got as well different strategies to build common identity through more cultural projects as for example Erasmus+ and many

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