Pros And Methods Of The Nursing Process

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The Nursing process is a scientific method used by nurses to ensure the quality of patient care. Broken down into five separate steps; assessing; diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating all nurses must be familiar with the nursing process. Nonetheless a student name Amy wants to improve her grades. She had learned about using the nursing process during class a couple of days ago and if it works for planning patient care, why can it not work for her? Though we won’t go through all the nursing process steps, we will apply some of those steps to help Amy create a successful study plan to pass her classes.
In the first step of the nursing process; assessment, the nurse gathers information about a patient. Amy can gather data on her study habits by figuring out what type of learner she is to incorporate that learning style into her study habits, assessing her current grades and keeping records, and testing her knowledge to see what she current knows. The first most important thing that Amy can assess is how she learns. Is she an auditory, visual or kinetics learning? Once Amy is able to establish which learning method works better for her, she can incorporate that learning method to study successfully. Amy assessing her grades can give her a better understand where her GPA currently stands. Is it low enough that even if she studies, she still won’t pass? Is her GPA high enough to when she does studies she’ll get an “A”? All of these have to be considered. Also keeping
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