Prosecution Of Adult Sexual Assault Cases : A Longitudinal Analysis

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An article titled “Prosecution of Adult Sexual Assault Cases: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact of a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program” conducted research on the how implementation of the SANE programs affects prosecution results and health concerns of sexually assaulted women over the age of 18. This article contained a clear abstract that identified the research problems, gave an overview of the research and addressed the methods used along with its main findings such as how “case progression through the criminal justice system significantly increased pre- to post-SANE” (Campbell, 2012) indicating that more cases were found to be convicted at trial after the SANE program was implemented into the community. This study was of …show more content…

This concluded that the victims has to be at least 18 years of age, the case was investigated by one of the five largest police departments in the country, a medical exam must have been completed by either the county hospital personnel's or the SANE program and the results of the exam were examined by the state crime lab. This resulted in a sample size of 137 cases, which is relatively small compared to the number of sexual assault victims. The research was conducted by collecting case outcome data, which was the dependent variable. The outcomes were placed into four different categories, which consisted of the following: referred by police for prosecution, referred to a prosecutor, but not warranted for prosecution, warranted by prosecutor, but dropped or trial acquit and guilt plea or trial conviction. This study also compared DNA analysis findings, medical records of the assault, demographic information of the victims and the offenders and the results of the court case in both of the groups. The results of the study revealed that there was a “significant increase in criminal justice system case progression pre-SANE to post-SANE” (Campbell et al., 2012, p.237) . More sexual assault cases were moving further through the system, resulted in an increase in the number of cases that were prosecuted. The results also found a seasonal effect, which addressed how cases that were processed in December were less likely to achieve a higher

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