Providing Effective Assessment Practices to Trainee Design Engineers

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Providing Effective Formative Assessment Practices to Trainee Design Engineers Formative Assessment It has been widely accepted that the use of formative assessment practices enhances the students’ learning. Recently, Cizek [1] referred formative assessment as a collaborative processes engaged in by educators and students for the purpose of understanding the students’ learning and conceptual organization, identification of strengths, diagnosis of weaknesses, areas for improvement, and as a source of information that teachers can use in instructional planning and students can use in deepening their understandings and improving their achievement. Presently, there seems to have some ambiguities as to what constitute an effective formative …show more content…

Sadler further identified three essential conditions for students to benefit from feedback. 1. Student must understand what good performance is. (i.e. the student must possess a concept of the goal or standard being aimed for); 2. Student must understand how current performance relates to good performance (for this, the student must be able to compare current and good performance); and 3. Student must understand how to act to close the gap between current and good performance. Nicol et al. [6] had defined good feedback practice as anything that might strengthen the student’s capacity to self-regulate their own performance. They further listed the 7 principles of good feedback practices in which this paper is adopting in a training context of training new design engineers. Good feedback practice: 1. helps clarify what good performance is (goals, criteria, expected standards); 2. facilitates the development of self-assessment (reflection) in learning; 3. delivers high quality information to students about their learning; 4. encourages teacher and peer dialogue around learning; 5. encourages positive motivational beliefs and self-esteem; 6. provides opportunities to close the gap between current and desired performance; and 7. provides information to teachers that can be used to help shape teaching. 1.Good feedback helps clarify what good performance is Sadler [5] and Black and Wilam [3] whom claimed that students can only achieve

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