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Personal Narrative Michelle Yates PSY 230 February 9, 2014 Aaron Thompson, MRC, CRC, LVRC, CPM In 1979 Douglas Adams wrote in his book, The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Universe, “The answer to life, the universe and everything, is 42” (Adams 1979). Of course we all know that the answers do not come quite so easily. Really, forget the answer; the question is what the meaning of life is. Man has asked this question for millennia, and we still search for it today. We have learned a lot in the last nine weeks about personality and how it develops within a person. We have analyzed those we love and ourselves as well. All of…show more content…
In recent news it is suggested that gender recognition is something a person is born into. This recognition is not necessarily in line with the physical recognition of gender as we are all accustomed. What happens when a person who is physically female, sees themselves as cognitively male. This self recognition would definatly have a direct affect on the personality development of that individual. Like Carolyn Barber states in her article, Gender Identity, “gender identity refers to an individual’s identification with a particular gender category” [ (Barber, 2009) ]. This would have a direct affect on a person’s sense of belonging in a group. Not only just among other males or females, but gender identity directly affects the sense of belonging to family and culture as well. There is some suggestion that all of these things we have talked about not only directly affect the personality, but ones health as well. This is where it all comes full circle for me personally and my travel to evaluate my own personality development. There is not much I would change in how far I have come in my search of the meaning of me. I have always considered myself to be a very advanced person when it comes to spirituality and emotional development. All of the hurts and hardships were necessary for me to develop to the extent I have. However, I do believe it has taken a toll on my health. It is common knowledge that stress has a direct correlation to one’s health.

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