Psychiatric Genetics : Psychology And Behavioral Neuroscience Essay

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Psychiatric Genetic Studies: Correlations, Ethics, and Counseling.
Psychiatric genetics is a subtopic of behavioral genetics, evolutionary psychology and behavioral neuroscience. The research began with evolutionary psychology, the field of psychology that studies how much human thought and behavior is determined by genetics. Evolutionary psychology was then narrowed down to behavioral genetics, which focused directly on how much of behavior is determined by genetics or the environment. Behavioral genetics was still too broad. For every issue in behavioral genetics there was the nature or nurture argument (Feist & Rosenberg, 2012). The topic was narrowed down specifically to the correlation between genetics and mental disorders. Therefore, psychiatric genetics became the selected topic. What is psychiatric genetics? Psychiatric genetics studies the role between psychiatric disorders and genes. Psychiatric genetics focus on improving the classification and treatment of mental illnesses (Umesh & Nizamie, 2014). Based on research, psychiatric disorders are thought to be highly heritable. Explicit correlation between genes and psychiatric disorders has not been proven since most substantial discoveries failing to be replicated (Burmeister, McInnis, & Zollner, 2008). The empirical study completed by Lotan, et al (2014) show that there are common genetic components that are linked with the six major neuropsychiatric disorders: attention deficit hyperactivity

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