Psychodynamic Abnormality

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Abnormality can be portrayed as a misbehavior, disorder, depression, and dysfunction. With the different types of abnormality models can very well describe what the individual is going through and help that individual overcome the abnormality. With the correct treatment or therapy, the abnormality can be cured for the moment or, it can be correctly cured for the rest of their lives. In treatment or therapy there does not necessarily need to be medicine to treat the patient for many reasons because, with the medicine it can have harmful effects on the person’s body. My abnormality model uses three different types of models to help cure patients of it abnormality function such as biological, psychodynamic, and human existential. With these …show more content…

Psychodynamic therapy will include the individual using free association and therapist’s interpretation. In free association it allows the patient or individual to start and end the conservation by allowing to express themselves. In result this technique allows the patient to share information to why and how this abnormal behavior may have occurred. Second technique that will be used is the therapist’s interpretations where they can draw a conclusion from their observation of the patient’s free association. Next, we use the human-existential model this allows the patient to use self-actualization this allows the patient to reach their full potential such as dealing with their problems by owning up to responsibility for their abnormal behavior and trying to overcome it. Now we go into a humanistic therapy to stop symptoms and abnormal behavior by using unconditional positive regard, accurate empathy, and genuineness. First, therapists use unconditional positive regard where they portray a warm welcome or acceptance feeling to patient. This allows the patient open their unconscious mind and express without feeling rejected or judged. Second, accurate empathy this allows the therapists to listen and give accurate feedback to the patient without any type of negative emotion from the patient. Last, therapists use genuineness where open communication …show more content…

The models are biological, psychodynamic, and human existential model all three have key components that contributes but have to be in order. For example, I have an individual that is sixteen years old named Mark and he is struggling with depression. First as a, therapists I would use the biological model because it will help me find a starting point to the reason why it may have occurred in this individual. Biological will help the therapist find maybe genetic connection to why this abnormal behavior has been obtained. Second, the therapist should use the psychodynamic model to look for the past experiences or interactions with such individuals such as mother or farther. Psychodynamic will focus more on the forces such as the id, ego, and superego. Most likely it will show that individual is having conflicts called fixation. Fixation is basically described as an error between all three of the forces that causes the individual to struggle with great personality. Most likely the id will show the therapists why individual is depressed this where the find that individual may have been neglected by maybe the mother or farther. Third, the individual most go through the first type of therapy in the psychodynamic known as free association and therapist interaction. Free association will help the patient speak freely of thing that comes to mind and most likely them to

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