Psychological Testing And Employee Selection

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Psychological Testing and employee selection According to Bach et al. (2013), the role of human resource departments include selecting, recruiting and training the most competent candidate in order to fill a certain job vacancy. Even though training has been termed to have the greatest effect on the performance of organizations, selection and recruitment remain to be critical. This explains why human resource managers should be committed in ensuring they hire only the best and most competent candidates. According to Van Steenwyk (2008), most resumes misrepresent and contain errors in relation to work education, experience as well as job titles. This means that human resource managers cannot solely rely only on information contained in resumes when hiring, but have to go a notch higher and ascertain the information contained in such resumes. The process of selecting and hiring the right candidate for a certain job assignment is not only complex, but also faced with many challenges. The complexity associated with employee selection process is evident when it comes to balancing the information represented by the candidate, honesty of the candidate and the characteristics of the job vacancy (Bach et al., 2013). In view of Bach et al. (2013), the need for quality recruitment has continued to gain attention from all stakeholders. This has also been enhanced by the use of psychological tests in recruitment and selection processes. Prediction of employees’ performance is very
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