Psychology And The Different Things Involved With It

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Over this last semester in I have learned about psychology and the different things involved with it. In our class we covered nine different chapters ranging from research about psychology to who we are as a person. Are you may be wondering what psychology exactly is? Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. Psychology is a science. Like other scientists, psychologists seek to explain and control behavior and mental processes and test their ideas through research methods. In this paper I will cover the three topics I found the most interesting to me. The three most interesting topics I am going to reflect on are: how the environment shaped who I am today, what motivates me to do things, and the things that cause stress in my life. In chapter 10 of our psychology it talks about developmental psychology and how people grow and change throughout their life span- from conception, through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, and until death. Along with this comes two main issues development psychologists are concerned with and those two general ideas are the ways heredity and environmental influences contribute to human development. They have always debated whether human behavior is determined by heredity (nature) or environmental (nurture). For my purpose I am going to talk about how the environment has shaped who I am as a person today. A psychologist by the name of John Watson believes that the influences of the environment are much stronger than
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