Psychology Case Study Essay

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In the video, Ellen is interviewing this couple who has a baby, named Ellie, that could rock climb at the age of eight months old, two months before she could walk. In the interview with the parents, it was found out that Ellie had been taken to a rock climbing gym since she was about two weeks old, and both of her parent’s rock climbed really regularly so she was there quiet often. Towards the end of the video they go to a rock wall and Ellie is encouraged to climb it. They placed a dinosaur at the top of the rock wall and told the Ellie to go get it. The parents supported her as she climbed the rock wall. Ellie then knocked the dinosaur off and everyone cheered for her. She then preceded to climb back down the rock wall safely to the ground.…show more content…
She expressed physical development in the video by being able to climb the rock walls at such a young age. In the video when she was climbing the rock wall at one point she was holding onto the wall with both hands and her feet not on it at all. This was very impressive because she was able to pull her feet up and continue climbing and just use upper body strength to hold herself onto the wall. Her gripping strength would have had to been great. Ellie showed her cognitive development by her motivation to climb the rock wall. Her parents motivated her to climb by putting a dinosaur at the top of the rock wall. This is a goal directed behavior which starts to show up from eight to twelve months of age. Ellie showed that she was very socially developed in the video too. She was in front of a lot of people and was able to climb the rock wall fairly easy. She did seem nervous in the interview, because she kept looking out into the crowd instead of at Ellen, who was talking. I feel she was able to climb the wall so easily with all those people is because her parents were their encouraging her throughout the
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