Psychology Field Goals

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When I enrolled into Bryan collage I knew I wanted to work in the psychology field, but not sure what specific area. Honestly, to this day I am still undecided. Working in the school system seems like a job I would enjoy, but there is so much controversy about budgets and cut backs so that scares me a little. I work with children now and their parents so I think I could handle this job daily with no problems. However, I feel drawn to work on the clinical side and have for some time now. There are so many people out there who need help makes me want to join the field that much more. I have nothing but respect for anyone already working in it.
Some goals that I have set for myself are finishing my bachelor’s degree and get a good job that I …show more content…

With the things that I have learned I feel more confident about helping, advising, and talking with people in need. There are many people in different types of facilities and situations that could benefit from my help and advice. Sometime you will hear people state I just need someone to talk to; I think it would help me feel better. This is where I feel I would fit in and help benefit others. I feel there are also more available positions available in the psychology field that could be beneficial to the community. In doing this I feel I can help people become closer to God and this word. I know not all people believe in God, nor want to talk about religion so I would have to ask their permission first before bringing up the subject. If cleared that the client id okay with brining God into the conversation I will do so. I think bringing people closer to him; they can lean on him as well for wisdom, structure, and the right path to travel on. God should be our …show more content…

However, the toll all this has put on my sister’s children has been a lot for them to deal with. Their ages are seventeen, sixteen, and fourteen. It has caused all three of them to act out in multi ways, such as behavior, attitudes, and their actions. They all have been arrested for stealing stupid items and they are always in trouble at school. They have been to juvenile court more than once so now a Camelot case worker has been issued for their case and home. I could go on, but this is the biggest reason I chose this profession. I hope to help my sister first. It will not be easy or a quick recovery, but I’m

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