Psychology Interview Essay

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I decided to interview someone in the Psychology field. Psychology is in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am attracted to this major because I am currently taking an Introduction to Psychology course, and so far it is very interesting to me so far. It also allows me to pursue the mental health aspect of it. According to my Strong Interest Inventory, I rank high in the investigative theme which is the science interest part of it. Then one of my top ten recommended occupations is a mental health counselor. That’s why I chose Psychology is my major of choice. I interviewed a friend of one of my friends. I was talking to her about this assignment, and she recommended one of her friends. Rachel was the name of the person I interviewed and she…show more content…
As I stated earlier, I have an interest in the mental health services area. Rachel is going into the Law enforcement and Criminal Investigation field, which involves a Psychology major. Other areas I found interesting included Art therapy, Case management, and Counseling. A person with a Psychology major can explore many different fields of work, depending on their interest.
Rachel gave quite a few examples of the many different minors, activities, and experiences someone can partake in. She discussed that, depending on what the person is doing, they can often double major. Rachel was thinking of double majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice. She mentioned that people who are in Pre-med often get a degree in Psychology. There are a few certificates she mentioned. The two I listed were the clinical certificate and neuroscience certificate. She said that these can come in handy for people interested in that field. She told me that there are quite a few clubs. She mentioned the Psych club, Cognitive science club, and the Neuroscience club are great to participate in for Psych majors. Volunteer work is very good on a resume especially if it is related to counseling. Rachel also mentioned that joining research labs are a great way to gain experience. Research assistants are essential for someone who wants to attend grad school. She mentioned that many students who attend grad school are involved in some kind of
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